Khartoon Khlassic

Khemosabi++++ x Fantasstic

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Khartoon's Miracle
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I'll never forget the day Khartoon was born.  I came out of the house that morning and saw Khartoon in the back pasture.  Terrified, I took off at a dead run, I thought he had a white plastic bag stuck on his head, I prayed I wasn't too late to save him from suffocation.  As I got closer, I gradually realized that it wasn't a bag--it was a white face!  We had a very special colt.  Bay with four high white stockings, a half-bald face and two belly spots, all on a gorgeous body.  

When Khartoon was just 7 weeks old, Kelly came in from the pasture to get a halter for him.  When she returned seconds later, she  was horrified to find Khartoon's left front leg dangling by a thread.  He had a compound fracture of the cannon bone.  Our local vet put on a splint and sent us to UC Davis.  Once there, we were told that Khartoon would not survive and he didn't even have a one in a million chance.  Kelly heard a continuous persuading nagging voice that  said "Give me a chance to prove them wrong."  She was convinced it was God.  After much discussion, Kelly and I decided to give Khartoon that chance,  as slim as it was.  Today we have a wonderful, sound, healthy Sabino Arabian breeding stallion who has an important contribution to make to the Arabian breed.  He is siring exceptional individuals, many with color, including purebreds.  Isn't it great that the beautiful Arabian breed can come in any color?