Khartoon Khlassic

Sabino (pronounced: sah bee' no), is a color pattern.  It is often characterized by four white feet and legs where the stockings often extend up the legs in ragged formation; belly patches that extend to the body; a wide blaze; and body roaning.   

When the sabino pattern is minimally expressed, the horse usually has four white socks and a blaze, you can tell they are not the usual white marks because of the ragged edge or narrow and long extension up the leg.  Some sabinos will also have odd white patches on the knee or hock, removed from the main portion of the sock or stocking.  A few sabinos do have a dark foot or two, although most have four white feet.  Minimally marked sabinos are easily confused with truly nonspotted horses.  

When the sabino pattern is in the middle range of expression, they are fairly distinctive and are usually difficult to confuse with other patterns.  Most have white extending from the belly and have roan and flecked areas in addition to white areas.  Some will be nearly entirely roan without white patches.  These could be confused with the true roan horses, although the facial and leg white usually gives these away and they do not have dark heads typical of true roans.

The next stage of expression is patched but not roaned.  These can be confused with frame overos especially if they have at least one dark foot.  Most patched sabinos have smaller, more ragged patches than typical frame overos.

The whitest of sabinos are almost all white and may retain color only on the ears while others are all white.  Most sabinos that are largely white are very speckled and roaned and can be confused with Appaloosas.  

The sabino has not been associated with the lethal white foals that frame overos can have.