We offer live cover and shipped semen.  Our breeding fees for 2021 are $1,500 / 850 live foal guarentee, SCID CLEAR

We offer a sabino or filly guarantee, a multiple mare discount and a show mare discount. (call or email for details)

Khartoon is Homozygous for black and agouti, ie you will get some variation of bay.

Pikhasso is Homozygous for black and Aa for agouti, ie you may get black or bay.

Khartoon stands in California
Pikhasso stands in Connecticut

Call Marla to schedule a visit or book your breeding to Khartoon
925-634-5916 or 925-354-7435

Call Kelly to schedule a visit or book your breeding to Pikhasso.

Khartoon Khlassic
Lori Hart and Pikhasso

  • shipped semen
  • live cover
  • mare care
  • boarding